This is what makes Interface outperform the rest.

One Application, Many Uses

  • This one foundation can be used to power HTML, Flash, mobile browser, and mobile app versions of your site.
  • A solid and secure choice to build and manage websites, including E-Commerce and Mobile.

Content Control & Flexibility

  • Robust and user-friendly content management system.
  • Incorporate any content type your site requires: flash, images, documents or videos, in addition to standard text fields.
  • Set required fields or field formatting with built-in validation functionality (for fields such as URLs or phone numbers).
  • Content import and export capabilities between Interface sites or CSV files.

Design Freedom

  • Developers have the freedom to use use any combination of traditional HTML/CSS, Flash/AS3 or Javascript/AJAX to create websites.

Account Plans

  • Various plans that always meet your website needs as they grow or change.
  • No contracts or fine print that hold you back.
  • Freedom to change your plan at any time for any reason.

You Decide Everything

  • No assumptions about your website’s structure and organization; Interface can build what you want, how you want it.
  • Full development control over how content is named and organized.
  • Ability to create intricate relationships between content, which lets you build complex data structures with little effort.

Organized & Clear Structure

  • Full developer control to create and organize Pages in a flat or nested structure.
  • Friendly URLs that are easy for humans to read and remember and that are optimized for Search Engines, even with Flash sites.

Custom Site Search

  • Powerful built-in content search with keyword, association or category search.

Unlimited Users & Custom Permission Levels

  • Fine grain control to set custom Role permission levels.
  • Add or delete Users at any time, as many times as you need.
  • Assign Users to Roles for quick and easy access control.

Complete API & Caching

  • Complete API to access all content in multiple formats (XML, JSON), with sophisticated search and filtering capabilities and integrated access control.
  • Image Caching API lets you dynamically resize, cache and display images.
  • Built-in caching of HTML pages and API output boosts performance for high-traffic websites.

Infrastructure You Can Trust

  • Well-vetted system from years of use to power high traffic, mission-critical websites for global brands.
  • Reliable and stable web hosting provider in a secure data center.

Help When You Need It

  • The Online User Manual walks you through all the facets of Interface.
  • Our Developer’s Blog has tips, hints and info from the team who built and manages Interface.
  • Service Updates keep you in the know on the latest Interface developments and news.
  • Support Ticket System always available in each Admin account to submit questions or problems that the online documentation can’t solve.