Interface helps you Build Better Websites.


Interface is a brainchild of the collective genius at Instrument, made by a team who was convinced that there is a way to make amazing, complex, and cutting-edge websites faster and better than ever before.


The Interface team and Instrument office is located in the northeast quadrant of Portland, Oregon on NE Alberta Street in the Alberta Central Complex.


Justin Lewis

Justin is Co-Founder and Interactive Director of Instrument, where he leads the development team and the Interface product. Justin splits his time by regularly doing web design and development, often getting his hands dirty in Photoshop, Flash, and Rails development projects to keep his skills as sharp as ever.

Ryan Spangler

Ryan thrives on solving challenging problems and making complex things simple. He has spent his entire life in a constant state of learning and is driven by a deep appreciation of the unlimited potential of computation and engineering.


Amie Pascal

Amie’s wildly varied professional background has taken her from the dusty Napa Valley vineyards to unruly classrooms in Kyoto, Japan, from the hallowed halls of academia to the tubes of the Internets. Along the way, she has picked up the ability to get stuff done well and help others do the same.